North Central Park

I made these photographs during a trip with Sierra Photo NYC in January.

NYBG Flowers

The greenhouse had a chrysanthemum exhibit. Even though the Conservatory was partially closed there was plenty of flowers to photograph in the garden.

Kiku at NYBG

Third of four NYBG posts

NYBG Landscapes

The second post of four on the New York Botanical Garden. I had such a good day and a lot of pictures came out well. It was hard to choose what to show.

There were canoes in the Bronx River. I asked one of the canoeists about it and he said they were offering free trips on honor of Native Americans.

Hermits are In

Spring brings in the migrants. Lots of Chipping Sparrow, and Hermit Thrushes are starting to come in. It is a bit too early for large numbers of warblers.
Now that treatments at the Morrison Center in NYC are helping me to feel better I hope to visit the park more often. Last year I rarely went out.
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Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus), Central Park 4/27/2019 © Sherry Felix


I saw a life bird, a Seaside Sparrow, yesterday in Central Park at the southeast corner of The Pond–of all places. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen one, but it is the first time I am willing to count it as the other times I only caught a fleeting glimpse. This bird is a little off course.

Seaside Sparrow, Central Park 4/17/2018
Seaside Sparrow, Central Park 4/17/2018

The Pond, Central Park

The Cherries, etc. are finally in bloom.

The Barn owl is still there.

Barn Owl, Central Park 4/17/2018
Barn Owl, Central Park 4/17/2018