Tyler Road

The Tyler Rood Trail is in in Upper Township in southern New Jersey close to Cape May. It has lovely meadows with butterflies and flowers and a small family burial ground. I recently read “The Pine Barrens” by John McPhee. It covers the culture of the Pineys and much more.

Kihei Maui

We stayed at the Schooner Resort in Lahaina. The suite was lovely and the pool and other amenities where nice. Everything was prefect except of one small incident. The cleaning staff lost my swimsuit during our room change mid stay (we were there for two weeks). Management kindly refunded me. I had to swim in my shorts. It all worked out OK.

On the first morning after a walk to along the beach by the resort in Waipuilani Park. Then we drove to Kealia Pond to look for indigenous birds. I got two of them there. I didn’t notice any Hawaiian ducks there.

Ward Pound Ridge

Second post for June 4 trip covering other flora and fauna.

Chincoteague 5

We covered a more of the Chincoteague NWR and the little Island Nature Trail – Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce with other members of the NY Littoral Society. What made the whole trip so rewarding was the expertise of some of the participants and all the keen eyes and minds. In addition to what I learned during the trip I used my memory, books, and iNaturalist to ID these.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

On a cold and windy day. The number of barn swallows whizzing around was staggering.

Barn Swallows

Lubben Countryside

We went for a walk around Lubben with our family on October 12, 2021. The Fall weather was lovely.

Lubben in the Morning

I enjoyed taking morning walks behind our rental apartment. By the river Spree the sign on the haystack was “Wer rettet die Kultulandschaft?” which means “Who saves the nature resort?”

Spreewald Nature

I have a few more nature photographs from our trip, but not many as this was more of a family visit than a personal nature tour. This is that last post of October 10. Many more days to follow.