Central Park Early October

Autumn is a season that I love and feel strongly.  At last I was able to go outdoors to make these photographs in these 3 galleries. I was laid low for a few weeks. I’m all better now.

Processed 2 Ways

Two examples of before and after processing in Lightroom. The first in each row is straight out of the camera and unprocessed; the second black and white, with attention paid to color and detail; and the third is my version of the color image. The last two in each row were originally posted on 9/21/2017.

I create images that I see and not what the camera sees.



3 Birds and a Spicebush

I saw a good number of migrants at Strawberry Fields on September 9, 2017. Not many elsewhere. It was a gorgeous day with a hint of Fall in the air.



Birds Butterflies Flowers NYC

I’ve been taking it easy and not posting frequently. Photographs from some recent trips to Jamaica Bay NWR and Central Park, New York City.

Insects CP July

Went to Central Park yesterday. It was hot so I moved slowly. I dusted the small bee-like fly (only 5 mm) with stars, the rest are as photographed.

May Birds 2

Last one of a set of 4 posts. The Grey Catbirds arrived in what seemed like one day. The little female Scarlet Tanager looks exhausted by the journey. It is getting very hot, time for baths. On May 16th, there was a huge termite hatch out in New York after the rains. This coincided with a record number of warblers (did they know this?). A feast was had by all. This starling kept coming for beakfulls at a time for its family. The bullfrog may have been hoping for a careless warbler to fly by.

May Birds 1

These are some of the larger migrants. Some will stay. Blue Jays are in Central Park year-round. I managed to capture a liquid drop at the end of the Oriole’s bill while it was feeding on the Tulip Tree blossoms. Nighthawks are rarely seen. Word got out, and we flocked to see it in a tree overlooking Azalea Pond.


May Warblers 2

Here is the second set. I need to get out there and photograph some more before Spring migration is over.

May Warblers 1

Tuseday this week was the best day for Spring warblers in Central Park. I will post my May photographs over the next few days. Hope you enjoy them.