Governors Island Structures

This is the 4th post of 6 of posts of Governors Island #OPTIC2019. The old Battery Maritime Building has lovely elaborate details and the colors are fun.

Governors Island B&W

Some of the photographs I took during the #OPTC2019 trip to Governors Island worked best in black and white to show off the details I focussed on.

Libety and Ellis

The B&H cruise sailed out into the Upper New York Bay out to the Stature of Liberty.

The 82-foot schooner, Shearwater, was hand built in 1929 from native hardwoods. It is a New York City floating designated landmark.

Manhattan Rim Light

The setting sun as seen through the canyons of Manhattan during the #Optic2019 Cruise.

Branched Snow

It snowed for the first time this winter in Manhattan, NYC. The snow lasted a morning on March 2. I took a short walk to photgraph some of it.

Greenwich Village 3/2/2019 #8