Second post of New York Botanical (map Interactive Map » New York Botanical Garden (nybg.org)) photographs. We joined NYBG that way we can get in for free and get half off on the parking. We ate lunch atone of the restaurants at Arthur Avenue. It was not good. The quality of the food at these restaurants has fallen since the pandemic. Such a shame. I really enjoyed eating there. I will have to prepare a picnic lunch and carry it around, which is not desirable along with all my cameras and binoculars, or find another place to eat nearby that still has decent food.


The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York has spring flowers. It took me a while to edit and enhance these. I will make two posts. I did not be take any pictures of the temporary (until October) “art” exhibit which is very ugly and detracts from the beauty of the garden.

NYBG Grasses

I love the wispy grasses, especially at this time of the year.

NYBG Flowers

Assorted flowers. Yes, this is still the same day at the NY Botanical Garden. One more to go tomorrow.