If any of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, I am not able to get out much to do photography because of my worsening long term Lyme. Thanks to our wonderful health care in the USA, I can’t get the care I need unless I pay full price of ~$5,000 a week for the IVIG treatment I need. It is no longer covered by Medicare plus a supplemental. If all goes well, I anticipate being able to afford treatments sometime in the future. Until then I will rest and do what I can.

Meanwhile, it would be nice if we had snow in New York City. We might have some this weekend.

Six Select

I dug through my folders while house bound and came up with these six plant photographs I would like to show.

In case anyone finds this useful. My filing system for my over 100,000 images starts with folders named by location (USA, World, People, etc.) with sub folders by year. Inside the year folders are dated folders: YYYMMDD and subject. Inside those folders are folders called RAW, TIF, JPG, PSD – as needed. This folder structure works well in Lightroom as I can select by type of file easily. I use file names starting with YYYMMDD subject, and number. I also find files easily searching the added meta data of location and details on the subject. Using the date first in a file name means that files will will sort chronologically  in any computer system or app.


Happy Holidays

My version of a Christmas tree — a composite of my photos with a few snow flakes.

Happy Holidays to all.

Christmas Tree, Central Park 2018
Christmas Tree, Central Park 2018