Took some closeups in a cloth box and using my macro lens of a few of my shells and minerals. A few of these are focus staked. I couldn’t make focus stacked images of some without a solid light source. I used an array of mini flashes on the ones not focus stacked. More experiments are needed.

Hudson Yards 2

I went back for the second time to Hudson Yards to shop on November 25, 2020. I bought some Levis for Marc at 40% off. I ate lunch there in an almost empty Shake Shake. Outside there is a tent with exercise bicycles. It’s a good time to climb the Vessel because there are few people doing so. On the way home I saw a white cat curled up in a swan in the plant district.

Hudson River Park

We took a walk up top pier 63, Hudson River Park. One of the new features in my Nikon Z 7 is something called Focus Shift Shooting. The camera will take up to 300 shots at sequential focus settings. This is good for macro photography. Then the images are stacked and merged in Photoshop. I took 20 focus shift shots for the first photo below. I look forward to experimenting with this feature.

Mum Mounds

Mounds of Mums at Abingdon Square. Photographed by Marc and I. The first 4 are mine and the last 4 are Marc’s.

Hudson Yards

I took a walk with my new Nikon Z 7 and wet by Hudson Yards which has a shopping complex in one of the buildings. It is the first time I’ve been there. It felt deserted because there were so few shoppers. Many stores were not open and there’s lots of spaced for new ones. The lights were lovely and created interesting reflections. The Vessel is an interesting feature. I haven’t been up it yet. On the way back home I stopped at the river for a minute.