Governors Island

Governors IslandWe spent the day at Governors Island on Saturday October 14th attending an excellent Conservation Photography Workshop led by Esther Horvath and Camilla Cerea sponsored by NYC Audobon. The photographes were taken at the beginning and end of the day by Marc and I.

Battery Park 10/14/2017
Morning mist at Battery Park

The following 5 are by Marc:

Governors Island 10/14/2017
Huge Carnival cruise ship and beach at GI at low tide
Governors Island 10/14/2017
Governors Island
Governors Island 10/14/2017
View north to Manhattan
Governors Island 10/14/2017
View looking North to Manhattan
Governors Island 10/14/2017
The Hills at Governors Isaand
Governors Island 10/14/2017
East side GI looking NE towards the East River.

At the end of the day shooting into the sun gave a lovely glow to the images.

Governors Island 10/14/2017
Looking SW on governors Island late afternoon
Governors Island 10/14/2017
The Hills, late afternoon
New York Harbor 10/14/2017
NY harbor late afternoon 10/14/2017
New York Harbor 10/14/2017
New Jersey, Hudson River, Manhattan, and Castle Williams on the right

Gov Island map 2017

Central Park Early October

Autumn is a season that I love and feel strongly.  At last I was able to go outdoors to make these photographs in these 3 galleries. I was laid low for a few weeks. I’m all better now.

Processed 2 Ways

Two examples of before and after processing in Lightroom. The first in each row is straight out of the camera and unprocessed; the second black and white, with attention paid to color and detail; and the third is my version of the color image. The last two in each row were originally posted on 9/21/2017.

I create images that I see and not what the camera sees.



On Swainson’s Day

Today I saw so many Swainson’s Thrushes they were uncountable. Many Northern Fickers, some fall warblers and a few early White-throated and Lincoln’s Sparrows and a Junco.

Mist and After

We started the day early when it was still foggy this Sunday, September 17, in Central Park. I hoped for Fall warblers but didn’t see many today. If I take the time to look I can always find some interesting things to photograph.

Morris County

Two friends or ours took us on a lovely trip through Morris County, New Jersey, yesterday. First we stopped at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, next was lunch at the Publick House in Chester, then after lunch we stopped at Stony Hill farmer’s market. We took a scenic route home to NYC through Morristown NHP.

3 Birds and a Spicebush

I saw a good number of migrants at Strawberry Fields on September 9, 2017. Not many elsewhere. It was a gorgeous day with a hint of Fall in the air.



Birds Butterflies Flowers NYC

I’ve been taking it easy and not posting frequently. Photographs from some recent trips to Jamaica Bay NWR and Central Park, New York City.