Nickerson Terns

We went to Nickerson Beach on a one of the barrier Islands of Long Island, New York last week to see the nesting shore birds. This post is of the terns and their chicks. More to follow…

Berlin Doors

My son, Amedeo, kindly sent me some doors from berlin, Germany for Thursday Doors by Dan

Red Hook

After a visit to Ikea to buy a kitchen ladder we drove to a pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Dancers were preforming in the little park.

Little Island

A few photographs that I made on Little Island by lower Manhattan in the Hudson River.


An annual event that I enjoy seeing is the LEAF Festival of Flowers – Meatpacking District Official Website (


This was supposed to be a Whale Watch and Beach Party cruise to Sandy Hook and back, but we didn’t find any whales. Sony provided photographic equipment to try and an open bar. It was a lovely ride and and I had lots of fun. This is my last post on OPTIC.


The Beach Party at Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey, by OPTIC sponsored by Sony had an open Bar. They didn’t offer any decent non alcoholic drinks. I threw the sugary lemonade away and went for a walk. I found a restaurant by the bay and ate two tasty seafood tapas. Then I went to a little park with some birds and an empty beach. An oriole proceeded me along the path. I enjoyed some quiet time there before heading back to the party.

Manhattan from Brooklyn

Views of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park during the OPTIC trip. An artist was using a strange contraption to make his art.