Jones Beach in January

I hoped to see some winter birds but didn’t find many. Plenty of Brant, a Harrier or two and a few others. Here are some blue and brown winter beach landscapes. It was very cold.

Flooded City

A recurring dream of mine: New York City became flooded, and we live on the 4th floor by the Hudson River. A rowboat rowed by nuns comes to our window, and I climb in. We row of into the darkness. There are many other little boats with lights in the Hudson River. The city lies in darkness, but I feel content. I get into my sleeping bag and stare up at the stars as I drift off to sleep.

I sent in the text to Loóna – fall in love with sleep again ( as part of their new “Turn your sweetest dreams into art” and they used AI to create these images of my dream. I altered them a little. I turned off the city lights because if the city became flooded there would be no lights.  I like to use Loona to help me get to sleep.

Oyster Bay B&W

Conversions of two photographs from Oyster Bay – Sherry Felix – port4u and Hempstead Harbor – Sherry Felix – port4u to black and white.

Hempstead Harbor

During my search for winter ducks in Oyster Bay, Long Island, we stopped at Hampstead Harbor Shoreline Park with its desolate derelict piers. We parked at a little memorial to sandminers on West Shore Road: History of Sandmining in Port Washington: Sandminers Monument Inc.

Oyster Bay

A winter drive to Long Island on new years day. I was looking for ducks at Oyster bay. Saw a few, including a Common Loon and some Canvas Backs. I wasn’t able to photograph them as they were too far off. I settled for some winter landscapes.

Maui and NYC Doors

To start January of 2023 here are a few doors from Maui and New York City. I love weathered doors. For Thursday Doors East Granby Mill – No Facilities.

Hudson Yards Holiday Lights

I photographed the holiday lights at Hudson Yards last year too (Hudson Yards 2 – Sherry Felix – port4u). I like the reflections on the escalators.

Happy New Year to all my friends at WordPress and elsewhere.