Views to the north from One Vanderbilt, New York City. Central Park is visible. This is the last post in this series.


Views to the east from One Vanderbilt., New York City. The third picture down shows Marc and I reflected in the window. Pictures signed Felix are by Marc. Picture 1, 2, 3 and 8 show the Chrysler building.


Views to the west form One Vanderbilt, New York City. The sun sets fast this time of year.


Views south from One Vanderbilt, New York City. Variations on a theme.


As a treat for Marc’s birthday and for me we went up to the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt on 42 Street by Grand Central Terminal: SUMMIT One Vanderbilt | Best Landmark In The United States ( (see the videos on their site). I paid for the whole experience including cocktails. Unfortunately, the outside glass elevator was closed due to high winds. I got a refund for that part. The elevator ride up inside was trippy as was the whole experience. I felt like I was in a time warp. The last photograph is where the cocktails are served. More to follow…

Liberty State Park Doors

Doors from the CRRNJ Terminal Department of Environmental Protection ( in Liberty SP for Thursday Doors. Coincidentally Dan (Thursday Doors host) posted doors from Union Station in Worcester MA

My other post on this terminal

Liberty SP Terminal

CRRNJ NJDEP | Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal Historic Site | New Jersey State Park Service at Liberty State Park.

Maui and NYC Doors

To start January of 2023 here are a few doors from Maui and New York City. I love weathered doors. For Thursday Doors East Granby Mill – No Facilities.