Bombay Hook

On our way to and from Chincoteague we stopped at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ( in Delaware. The drive through is excellent. The place was full of migrating shorebirds. The first thing I saw was a Virginia Quail on the road. Then a frog by the car at our first stop. The pictures aren’t great but they show a couple of the best birds.


A trip with the Linnaean Society of NY to Doodletown, near Bear Mountain, Rockland, New York. Fascinating place: Doodletown, New York – Wikipedia

I have this book on the houses Doodletown: Hiking through history in a vanished hamlet on the Hudson by Elizabeth Stalter – 1996-06-07 (

Ft Tryon and the Cloisters Flowers

Flowers from the park and the Cloisters (owned by the Met museum The Cloisters – Wikipedia).

Ft Tryon and Cloisters

A trip to Ft. Tryon Park at the north end of Manhattan with the Sierra Photo NYC group on May 5, 2022.

BBG Fairy Door

A bit of whimsy for Thursday Doors May 19, 2022.

BBG Closeups

A few flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic.

Brooklyn Botanic in May

A friend and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) in May to see the spring flowers and cherries. Next post includes some closeups.

Central Park Flora in April

Photographed during the Linnaean NY field trip.