Mixed Doors

One door from Germany (sent by my son, Amedeo), one from uptown, and one of a closed old restaurant, El Farro’s on my street. For Thursday doors https://nofacilities.com/2023/02/09/more-from-the-archive/.

Friedrich-List-Schule Door

This door was photographed by my son, Amedeo in Berlin. He thought of me when he photographed it. The Friedrich List School, Commercial College for Business Languages, is a public vocational school that offers programs combining business studies and foreign languages in Berlin. It is in Victoriastadt not far form the Spree River.

For Thursday Doors

Victoriastadt, also known as Kaskelkiez after the Kaskelstraße (street), is a residential area in the district of Rummelsburg in the southwest of the district of Lichtenberg. The name “Victoria City” is an expression of the close connection that existed with the United Kingdom at the end of the 19th century under its regent Queen Victoria.

As a historic workers’ settlement, Victoriastadt has strongly influenced the traditional image of the old Berlin of the Wilhelminian period. A large part of the residential development, partly with coach houses and small workshops in the backyards, has been preserved.

Victoria City – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Boquete 4 Ways

I revised a picture of the hills of Boquete, Panama photographed in the early morning on May 18, 2014 after receiving an excellent critique by Blake Rudis f.64 Elite (f64elite.com) or f64 Academy (Blake also has a YouTube channel: f64 Academy – YouTube). I really like his courses and tools. I have learned a lot from him. I started taking his classes during the pandemic. I will let you decide which image works best of these 4. One of these is not a good composition.

Panama Skies

I did sky replacements for blown out white banded skies in these two images using Luminar AI and Photoshop. It is good to be careful to use skies that matches the lighting.

Two photographs from our trip to Bouquete, Panama in 2014.

Worlitzer and Glasshutte Doors

The ABF (ABF (Absolute bloody final) as they used to say in British Pubs) of my posts on Germany.

For Dan’s Thursday Doors December 2, 2021

Dinner at Lukau

Our farewell dinner was at a lovely restaurant called Ratskeller in Lukau.

Last of Lubben

I have two more posts of Germany after this: Our farewell dinner and some doors that I’ll post on December 2. If you wan to see the entire collections select the topic Germany to view all the posts.