We also visited The Met Cloisters with the Sierra Photo NYC. The images at the top are for Thursday Doors. 2 of 6 posts.

Green-Wood Doors

Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY has hundreds of doors to the mausoleums. Next to the Callery pear tree is a gate to the afterlife. The last image shows the Manhattan skyline at the horizon.

A link to History – Green-Wood.

For Thursday doors.

Billopp House

Billopp House (Conference House – Wikipedia) in the Conference House Park : NYC Parks (, Staten Island, New York.

For Thursday Doors: Pittsburgh Church Doors – No Facilities.

Stuyvesant Polyclinic

For Thursday Doors hoisted by Dan Antion (his doors today Newton Waltham leftovers).

I have a long history with Stuyvesant Polyclinic. We went there when we couldn’t afford health insurance. In 1993 a young doctor there was the one who finally correctly diagnosed my infection with Lyme disease. It is a lovely building. Some history: Ottendorfer Public Library and Stuyvesant Polyclinic Hospital – Wikipedia

Roosevelt Island Doors

The first one is a door in Manhattan seen just before going to the tram to Roosevelt Island. The other two are on Roosevelt Island.

For Thursday Doors hosted by Dan. Waltham and Newton – No Facilities for March 9, 2023

Liberty State Park Doors

Doors from the CRRNJ Terminal Department of Environmental Protection ( in Liberty SP for Thursday Doors. Coincidentally Dan (Thursday Doors host) posted doors from Union Station in Worcester MA

My other post on this terminal

Mixed Doors

One door from Germany (sent by my son, Amedeo), one from uptown, and one of a closed old restaurant, El Farro’s on my street. For Thursday doors

Maui and NYC Doors

To start January of 2023 here are a few doors from Maui and New York City. I love weathered doors. For Thursday Doors East Granby Mill – No Facilities.