German Doors

Mixed locations in Germany: Dessau, Inselteich, Cottbus and Lübben. My daughter-in-law Heike used to work at the place in the first photo long ago. Marc thought it would be fun to own the house in the last two photographs.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

For Thursday doors November 25, 2021.

Wittenberg Doors

Every town we went to in Germany has great doors. We stayed at Pension Nord (door shown below) for two days in Dessau while visiting Heike’s family. While in Dessau we drove to the historic town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which is 35 km or 22 miles from there.

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Berlin Doors

I love the Splendid Hotel. It somehow survived destruction in WWII. Read about the Splendid Hotel in Wikipedia.

The Russian embassy near the Brandenburg Gate is impressive but not my taste. An excellent description on the Russian Embassy Berlin on You Tube.

A bit about Berlin – Wikipedia

For Thursday Doors November 11.

Schloss Lubbenau

The manor or castle at Schloss (Castle) Lubbenau is now a fancy hotel and restaurant. We spent an afternoon on our own and ate lunch there on October 14th.

“Surrounded by rivers, the nine-hectare Laridschaftgarten encloses the entire historic castle ensemble on natural pasture. The park is one of the early designs of English garden art in Lower Lusatia.”

Senftenberg Doors

Senftenberg – Wikipedia

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