BBG Fairy Door

A bit of whimsy for Thursday Doors May 19, 2022.

Bedford Street Doors

Bedford Street is in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC. The white door led to the back of the building. Unfortunately, Chumley’s is gone now. I went there many times long ago.

The plain door on W 13 Street has a lovely ceramic floral wreath on it.

For Thursday Doors 5/5/2022

Ferrer Doors

St Vincent Ferrer Roman catholic Church on Lexington Avenue between E 65 and E 66 Street, Manhattan, New York City.

For Thursday Doors, April 28, 2022:

E 70 Street Doors

For Thursday doors. The Upper East Side in Manhattan has hundreds of lovely doors. Here are some from 70th Street. Included is the famous Explorer’s Club.

For Thursday Doors 4/21/2022

W 4 Street Door

I love the Spring like dove decorations around this colorful door in Greenwich Village, New York.

For Thursday Doors

Friedrich-List-Schule Door

This door was photographed by my son, Amedeo in Berlin. He thought of me when he photographed it. The Friedrich List School, Commercial College for Business Languages, is a public vocational school that offers programs combining business studies and foreign languages in Berlin. It is in Victoriastadt not far form the Spree River.

For Thursday Doors

Victoriastadt, also known as Kaskelkiez after the Kaskelstraße (street), is a residential area in the district of Rummelsburg in the southwest of the district of Lichtenberg. The name “Victoria City” is an expression of the close connection that existed with the United Kingdom at the end of the 19th century under its regent Queen Victoria.

As a historic workers’ settlement, Victoriastadt has strongly influenced the traditional image of the old Berlin of the Wilhelminian period. A large part of the residential development, partly with coach houses and small workshops in the backyards, has been preserved.

Victoria City – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

W 73 Street Doors

These doors are up by Central Park. Mansions like these can be found on both sides of Central Park. Many are from the gilded age era which extended roughly from 1870 to 1900. We just finished watching the Gilded Age series on HBO.

For Thursday Doors 3/24/2022.

Strecker Laboratory

Doors on the Strecker Memorial Laboratory on Roosevelt Island. Strecker Laboratory is east of the Renwick Ruins on Southpoint. Built in 1892, Strecker Memorial Laboratory was designed by Frederick Clarke Withers and built in 1892.

Strecker Laboratory was the first laboratory in the country devoted exclusively to pathological and bacteriological research. Administrated by the Charity Hospital, later called the City Hospital. In 1907, the Russell Sage Institute of Pathology worked there until 1912 when they moved to Weill Cornell Medical in Manhattan and Rockefeller University.

The New York City Transit Authority refurbished the building’s exterior and it now serves as the power conversion station for the E and V subway lines. Roosevelt Island Historical Society » Strecker Memorial Laboratory (

For Thursday Doors February 3, 2022.