Chinatown to GV Walk

On Tuesday I took a long quiet walk from Chinatown to Greenwich Village (home).

On Doyers Street in Chinatown, which is all boarded up, there was a hearse at the end leading a funeral procession.

I sat on a stoop to eat my lunch on Mercer Street. I saw a handful of people on my walk and we all stayed far from each other. I took a few photos of shop windows that I liked.

Downing and Morton Streets are in the Village. I was sad to see this poor plane tree so mistreated. The fence is embedded in its bark on all four sides.

GV and Hudson

Greenwich Village and the Hudson River

I haven’t seen the streets in my neighborhood so empty since 9/11.

Above the couple of panoramas created in my cell phone is one I call “Hudson River Park – flames.” When I saw the rust pattern on the floating dock it mirrored a same shape in the skyline. I superimposed the pattern in Photoshop on the skyline to bring out what I imagined.

Local Nature

Over the last several days we went out for short walks to stretch our legs while maintaining “social distance”. Here is a selection of plants. The multi-color schist used in the wall along the Hudson River Park has pink feldspar and green feldspar coloring the layers. I used my Samsung Note 10+ to photograph these.

GV Doors

I have limited my exposure to others so I am not going outdoors often. I have some doors to post taken on March 14th while taking a walk in Greenwich Village.