632 Hudson Street

Around the corner from our place. For Norm’s Thurday Doors, December 6, 2018.

632 Hudson Street 10/25/2018
632 Hudson Street 10/25/2018
630 Hudson Street 11/26/2018
630 Hudson Street 10/25/2018

Delos at Meatpacking

In October I attended a Meatpacking District networking event held at Delos – Innovate Well on behalf of my husband’s tour business, Marc’s Village Walk. 

I am extremely interested in urban greenspaces and improving urban natural environments. The Delos office has green walls and many other features. I asked the guide if they had thought of improving environment in the NYC subway system. They laughed.

“Delos is a wellness real estate and technology company that is transforming the lives of people around the world by creating residential and commercial spaces designed to improve health, well-being, and performance.”

The views and the interior of the Delos office at 860 Washington Street, which is by the High Line, is stunning.


A few assorted images from 2000 on. I am tidying up my archives so every now and then I will grab something I like to show.

Dawn In Central Park
Central Park 2000
Central Park 10/5/2001
Central Park 2001
central POark 11/2/2013
Central Park 2011
Water 11/1/2018
Water 11/1/2018
Greenwich Ave and Bank Street, 11/4/2018
Greenwich Ave and Bank Street, 11/4/2018

Tree on West 4th

I admire the tancity of our city trees. It takes a long time for one to get this large. Many streets in Greenwich Village are shaded by trees.

Tree at 255 W 11 Street and W 4th Street
Tree at 255 W 11 Street and W 4th Street 9/8/2018