An annual event that I enjoy seeing is the LEAF Festival of Flowers – Meatpacking District Official Website (meatpacking-district.com)

Bedford Street Doors

Bedford Street is in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC. The white door led to the back of the building. Unfortunately, Chumley’s is gone now. I went there many times long ago.

The plain door on W 13 Street has a lovely ceramic floral wreath on it.

For Thursday Doors 5/5/2022

W 4 Street Door

I love the Spring like dove decorations around this colorful door in Greenwich Village, New York.

For Thursday Doors

Gay Street

A few doors on Gay Street in Greenwich Village.

For Thursday Doors on 2/17/2022.

Bank Street Tree

I had this dark processing in mind when I photographed this tree in the snow. The third of these three processing methods is an inverted image that makes it look a little like an infrared image.

Method: In Photoshop I cloned out the windows, added a starburst protecting the darks, added a vignette, converted it to B&W, and added a blur and masking out the center. In the third one I inverted the image as well.

Contributed to the One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-February 2022