Central Park Flora in April

Photographed during the Linnaean NY field trip.

Pine Barrens Flora

This third and last post on the Pine Barrens shows what a lot of the area looks like inland and a few of the plants.

Central Park Daffodils

Also photographed on March 27th. Daffs are so cheerful. The robins are back on full force staking out their bits of lawn. One was staring indignantly at some picnickers occupying his spot.

Witch Hazel

Early Witch Hazel in February on Roosevelt Island.

Battery Park

On January 20, 2022 Marc and I went with the Sierra Photo of NYC group to photograph Battery Park and views of the harbor via the Staten Island Ferry. I will make 6 posts for that day.

Battery Park at the tip of Manhattan has native plants that look lovely even when not in bloom.

1 of 6 of the New York Harbor trip.

Nature Wins

One of my favorite photographs made in 2011 by the Hudson River in Manhattan. Left alone nature will take over. On the left is before processing an don the right after I warmed it up.

Urban Green, Hudson 7/31/2011


More pictures form our excursion to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. The last photograph shows three obelisks. The third obelisk in the background is the Freedom Tower in Manhattan.

Rye and Meadowlands

We had a lovely trip birding with the Linnaean Society of NY to Rye Playlands and the Meadowland Conservancy in Westchester County, New York. The highlights were a flock of Snow Buntings, a Cooper’s Hawk, and a White-Fronted Goose.