Choose One

I plan to use one of these for a show to be judged in OPTIC2019 by B&H. I need to pick one by tomorrow and I am having trouble. I’d love to know which one you would you choose? HELP!

Results as of 3 pm EST 6/1/2019: Hermit Thrush won.
Flower, Hudson 2, Tulip leaves 1, Hermit Trhush 5, Scarlet Tanager 4, Yellowthroat 2, Yellowthroat female 1, Iris 2.

Thank you for taking the time to help me choose.

Tulip Leaves

I replaced the Background to remove distracting elements and create a better composition. When I photographed this with my phone (Galaxy 8+) I had this end result in mind.

Tulip Leaves, Abingdon Square 4/16/20119

Dandy Lady

Two photographed on a dark day.

Bear Plants

An assortment of flowers and plants in Central Park.

Evening and

It isn’t often I get a life bird in such an easy way. This Evening Grosbeak was hanging out on May 11 by the Evodia bird feeders in Central Park, along with a hoard of fellow bird watchers. My life list count for the US is 351 and 919 world wide. It’s a modest list because I do not travel much. I’ll will not be seeing all 10,425 some odd bird species in the world.

Evening Grosbeak (Coccothraustes vespertinus), Central Park 5/8/2019