Cherries in Central Park

I never seem to tire of cherry trees in bloom. Some photographed on the SPNYC photo shoot.

Cherries at NYBG

Spring is early. The magnolias are finished but the cherries were not. Sunday at the New York Botanical Garden in, Bronx, New York, April 10, 2022.

After visiting the garden we ate Italian food at a restaurant on Arthur Avenue. I enjoy doing that after spending time outdoors and working up an appetite.

Greenbrook in November

A little private nature sanctuary in Tenafly, New Jersey. It is on the Palisades with a view of the Hudson River towards New York City.


Hallormsstaðaskógur – Wikipedia is by the lake Lagarfljót. Seeing trees on July 16 was a novelty. The country lost most of its trees more than a thousand years ago, when Viking settlers cut down the forests within 50 years for shipbuilding or to clear the land for farming and pasture. The forests originally covered one-quarter of the Iceland. Icelanders are working to get some of those forests back, to improve and stabilize soils, help agriculture, and fight climate change. Iceland is considered the least forested country in Europe. Forests in Iceland are so rare, or their trees so young, that people joke that those lost in the woods only need to stand up.


We went on a terrific field trip to Doodletown on Saturday. We saw many wonderful birds spotted by a sharp group of birders. Marc found a Five-lined Skink. I spotted the Worm-eating warbler. Everyone contributed sightings. The American Wisteria was blooming allover the place. It was a glorious day.

The full birds report will eventually be posted on the Linnaean NY website Field Trip Reports page.
I didn’t bring really long lens, consequently, the bird images are very grainy.

NYBG Trees and Nature

We took two friends with us to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx on Thursday, May 6. It was a glorious spring day. We covered the entire garden. After the garden we ate an Italian meal near Arthur Avenue. There are enough pictures to spread over 4 days.


Second post of New York Botanical (map Interactive Map » New York Botanical Garden ( photographs. We joined NYBG that way we can get in for free and get half off on the parking. We ate lunch atone of the restaurants at Arthur Avenue. It was not good. The quality of the food at these restaurants has fallen since the pandemic. Such a shame. I really enjoyed eating there. I will have to prepare a picnic lunch and carry it around, which is not desirable along with all my cameras and binoculars, or find another place to eat nearby that still has decent food.

CP late February

Scenes from our trip to the park last week.