I create digital art or photography, building on my history as an artist, and my love of science and nature. I like to tell a story or set a mood in my work. When I see something beautiful or unusual in nature grabs I want to record it and add to it the feeling it gave me. Sometimes it is dreams or memories that inspire me; more often it is something I see. I do most of my work in New York City.

To construct my images, I use my artistic talent and skills with digital brushes, combined with other “darkroom” techniques, to create a composition. I purposefully lead the eye into an image to a focal point. To do this I may use blurs, outlines and changes in color. As part of the process to create my idea I may add different photographs as layers and compile them in the Photoshop. Sometimes when I use muted tones with touches of color I think of my mother hand tinting black and white photographs in Perth, Western Australia in the early 1940’s.

Bill Skilling and Sherry Felix, 1974
Bill Skilling and Sherry Felix, 1974

My evolution as an artist, from child to adult, went from drawing, to painting, culminating in photography. For my early art training I went to the Art Students League in NYC and art school in London. My mentor was Bill Skilling, a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art, who taught me all he knew on every technique and style of painting. I learned composition, color theory, and more as we worked together, creating fine art and commercial art in NYC in the 1970’s. Most of my work was on canvas then and sold to clients and galleries in NYC. I transitioned from painting to creating computer generated art in 1998.

I make art because I must—it is a part of me.
I don’t think in words—I think in images.

“Sherry Felix is an exceptionally creative artist with a background in fine and commercial art, web design, cartography and photography.”

Short list of accomplishments and interests

  • Artist — available for work
    • Photography and digital image artistry
    • Graphic artist, cartographer (GIS), web design and creation
    • Artist, painting in acrylic on canvas
  • Tutor/Tech: How to use graphic applications, computer use and fix issues
  • Participate in and teach: Bird watching, orienteering, geology, natural science and environmental preservation and restoration
  • Memberships: The Linnaean Society of New York (I am the webmaster), NYC Audubon, and Sierra Photo NYC

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