Forsythe Veg and Insects

Part two of our visit to Forsythe on May 14.

Butterflies in the Pine Barrens

Marc and I went with the Linnaean Society of NY led by Rick Cech to look for butterflies in the Pine Barrens (New Jersey Pine Barrens – Wikipedia and about Pine barrens – Wikipedia) of New Jersey on April 23, 2023. Rick Cech is the author of Butterflies of the East Coast… I of 8 posts.

Central and West Maui

Scenes along the coast of Maui. This is a continuation of our drive on day three. Some of the drive was a little hairy – no Armco next to drop-offs down to the sea. The scenery is spectacular. There were lots of tourists at the Nakalele Blowhole.

I saw the same butterflies I see in the US: Monarchs, Painted Ladies, Orange and Yellow Sulphur’s, and little Blues.

Jamaica Bay Shorebird Fest

The 17th Annual Shorebird Festival at Jamaica Bay took place on August 13, 2022. It was nice to see many old friends at there. The weather couldn’t have been better. Not too hot and with a brisk breeze at the East Pond to drive away the mosquitos.

Willowwood Details

More images from Willowwood Arboretum.

Ward Pound Ridge Butterflies

On June 4, 2022 we went with members of Linnaean Society of NY and the NYC Butterfly club led by Rick Cech to observe butterflies at Ward Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY. I got some help identifying these by some of the experts in the group but it is more than likely that I misidentified a few. Skippers are such a challenge!

The rest will be in the post after next.

Pine Barrens Lepidoptera

On Sunday, April 24, we covered a lot of southern New Jersey, from Atlantic to Cape May Counties, with Rick Ceck (author of Butterflies of the East Coast) and some members of the Linnaean Society of NY. I tried my best to identify these. Any corrections are welcome.

Two more posts to follow about the Pine Barrens trip.

Green-Wood Fauna

A few of the birds we saw at the cemetery. 4th post.