SI Landscapes 2

The highlight of the day was seeing the harbor seals in the Red bank Reach, Lower Hudson Bay. I enjoyed seeing the ice pattens around the tree trunks.

Landscapes in Staten Island

Photographed during our trip with Linnaean NY. I enhanced the skies on some.

Birds at Staten Island

We went on a winter birding trip with The Linnaean Society of New York – The Linnaean Society of New York ( led by Richard ZainEldeen to several locations on Staten Island, New York. It was a lovely trip and it was so nice seeing many of my birding friends. I wasn’t able to photograph many of the birds. Here are a few of the larger ones that I managed to snap. I replaced the skies on most with one of mine and moved the turkey from the road at Silver Lake’s Park to into a landscape at Wolfe’s Pond.

Staten Island

We spent a short time on Staten Island before taking the Ferry back to New York City.

3 of 6 of the New York Harbor trip.