Gov Island Wildlife

A small assortment of wildlife on Governors Island. Do you see the spider? I didn’t see it until I opened the image at home. helped me with some of the identifications.

Richmondtown Insects

It was a grand day for insects at Staten Island.

Insects in St Luke’s helped me ID the fuzzy one.

Conservatory Insects

Some insects I photographed in Conservatory Garden, Central Park on Saturday, July 7. The sunflower one full of bugs was not in the garden, it was in a patch of flowers near North Meadow. The Emerald Jumping Spider (Paraphidippus aurantius) was identified by within a day. I had trouble identifying it and sent in the pictures. They are the tops and so helpful. I knew it was probably a Jumping Spider, but not which one. I hope I got the others correct. Let me know if I am wrong.