Kipahulu National Park

By noon we arrived at Kīpahulu District – Haleakalā National Park (U.S. National Park Service) ( around noon (still on the Hana Highway). I did not hike the steep 2 miles up to Waimoku Falls because it was only 3 months since my broken hip. We did the lovely half mile Kuoa Point loop trail by the O’heo Gulch instead.

Jamaica Bay Shorebird Fest

The 17th Annual Shorebird Festival at Jamaica Bay took place on August 13, 2022. It was nice to see many old friends at there. The weather couldn’t have been better. Not too hot and with a brisk breeze at the East Pond to drive away the mosquitos.

Loon Lake Flora

This is the last of my 2005 Adirondack edits.

Scherman Hoffman Insects

These are the few insects I captured. My last photo is of the invasive Spotted lanternfly – Wikipedia. I was sorry to see so many nymphs there.

Willowwood Details

More images from Willowwood Arboretum.

Bamboo Brook

I found a new place to visit in Morris County, New Jersey: Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center / Gardens | Morris County Parks ( It is about an hour’s drive from New York.

“Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center, located on 687 acres, was once known as Merchiston Farm and was the home of William and Martha Brookes Hutcheson from 1911 to 1959. Bamboo Brook’s original 100 acres was donated by the daughter of Mrs. Hutcheson. Ms. Hutcheson one of America’s first women landscape architects attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and Planning, along with other famous women garden designers of that time, including Marion Coffin and Beatrix Farrand. …” 

Sandy Hook

We went on a botanical walk during the annual Littoral​ Society ( picnic at Sandy Hook, part of Gateway National Recreation Area.

I learned how a little window on the seed pod opens on the Clasping Venus’ Looking-glass (Triodanis perfoliata) and the seeds tumble out.