Maui Nui and Travels

It was rainy off and on the third day. The Maui Nui Botanical Garden was a small native plant garden and a bit disappointing. We stopped for lunch at one of the many excellent food trucks.. Then we started an adventurous drive around the Central and Western coast of Maui. Some of it is dirt road.

Kanaha Pond and Beach in Maui

Early on the third day we wen tot bird at Kanaha pond. I saw a couple of Hawaiian Nene geese there. After that we drove to the kite Beach along the central Coast of Maui. Red Junglefowl are everywhere – in restaurants, at the beach, in the parks, and along the roadside.

Kihei Maui

We stayed at the Schooner Resort in Lahaina. The suite was lovely and the pool and other amenities where nice. Everything was prefect except of one small incident. The cleaning staff lost my swimsuit during our room change mid stay (we were there for two weeks). Management kindly refunded me. I had to swim in my shorts. It all worked out OK.

On the first morning after a walk to along the beach by the resort in Waipuilani Park. Then we drove to Kealia Pond to look for indigenous birds. I got two of them there. I didn’t notice any Hawaiian ducks there.

Lahaina Maui

We enjoyed the old buildings and history in Lahaina on our second day in Maui. See Flag of Hawaii – Wikipedia. We met Marc’s cousin Margaret and her mate there for lunch. Most of the shops along Front Street are tacky.

October Nature in Central Park

Same day as the the post before this one. The weather was perfect.

October Bird Series in Central Park

Kinglets are such fast moving tiny birds when one gives me a chance I keep shooting in the hopes something will come out.

High Line Park

A walk along the High Line on November 19, 2022 in New York City. I chanced upon a warbler near 14th Street.

Photographed with a Sony Rx10 M4 and processed in Lightroom.

Bayard Cutting Birds

We saw more than these, but these are the only ones I captured.