Nickerson and Jones

After Nickerson Beach we drove to Jones Beach. I only saw one Piping plover at Nickerson. And no Skimmer chicks yet.

Nickerson Oystercatchers

Second post from our trip to Nickerson Beach, Long Island, NY. They are so cute when they run.

Nickerson Terns

We went to Nickerson Beach on a one of the barrier Islands of Long Island, New York last week to see the nesting shore birds. This post is of the terns and their chicks. More to follow…

Chincoteague 6

On the last day I got up before dawn and went down the road to look for the clapper rail we kept hearing. I found it and a lovely sunrise too.

Chincoteague 5

We covered a more of the Chincoteague NWR and the little Island Nature Trail – Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce with other members of the NY Littoral Society. What made the whole trip so rewarding was the expertise of some of the participants and all the keen eyes and minds. In addition to what I learned during the trip I used my memory, books, and iNaturalist to ID these.

Chincoteague 4

I went out to photograph the sunrise alone. After breakfast our group from the Littoral​ Society ( went for a boat ride with a very knowledgeable young local. We had lunch in town. After lunch we went to Chincoteague NWR.

Chincoteague 2

We toured Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia for most of the day.

Bombay Hook

On our way to and from Chincoteague we stopped at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ( in Delaware. The drive through is excellent. The place was full of migrating shorebirds. The first thing I saw was a Virginia Quail on the road. Then a frog by the car at our first stop. The pictures aren’t great but they show a couple of the best birds.