Landscapes in New Jersey

The first image is the pond by Lucille’s Country Cooking where we stopped for breakfast at the beginning of the Pine Barrens trip. At the end of the trip Marc and I stopped at the Wetlands View and after that ate dinner at the Old Causeway Steak and Oyster House.

Plants in the Pine Barrens

I like to try to identify wildflowers. I use iNaturalist and the internet. The red maples are seeding and from a distance it looks like the trees have red flowers. 5 of 8 posts.

Butterflies in the Pine Barrens

Marc and I went with the Linnaean Society of NY led by Rick Cech to look for butterflies in the Pine Barrens (New Jersey Pine Barrens – Wikipedia and about Pine barrens – Wikipedia) of New Jersey on April 23, 2023. Rick Cech is the author of Butterflies of the East Coast… I of 8 posts.

Pine Barrens Flora

This third and last post on the Pine Barrens shows what a lot of the area looks like inland and a few of the plants.

Pine Barrens Fauna

In addition to butterflies we saw other insects and amphibians. I was pleased to be able to identify the Red Velvet and Ant which is actually in the wasp family.

Pine Barrens Lepidoptera

On Sunday, April 24, we covered a lot of southern New Jersey, from Atlantic to Cape May Counties, with Rick Ceck (author of Butterflies of the East Coast) and some members of the Linnaean Society of NY. I tried my best to identify these. Any corrections are welcome.

Two more posts to follow about the Pine Barrens trip.