Jefferson Market Plants

Assorted plants form the lovely little garden on Greenwich Street and 6th Avenue. I included a reworked Trillium from Central Park. The first three have replaced backgrounds.

Central Park Art

I haven’t been to Central Park in quite a while. We went there on Saturday, September 4 for a morning walk. It was so nice to see so many of my birding friends there. There wasn’t a large number of birds, but the few I found where nice ones. The best was a humming bird and a Bay-breasted Warbler.

I spent a few hours today adding new backgrounds to these in Photoshop.

NYBG Lilies

Lotuses and Lilies

4 of 6 of the New York Botanical Gardens. I like the sculptural form of the lily seed pods. Each one is slightly different. I replaced most of the backgrounds and enhanced my photographs in Photoshop.

I just learned the difference between a lotus and a lily:

  • Lotuses belong to the family Nelumbonaceae. The leaves and flowers of a lotus rise above the water’s surface. 
  • Water lilies belong to the family Nymphaeaceae. The leaves and flowers of a water lily float on the water surface. The leaves of  a tropical water lily float on the water surface, but its flowers are about 6-8 inches above the water surface. 

Ghost Forest

Maya Lin: Ghost Forest — Madison Square Park Conservancy 49 dead white cedars to depict climate change at Madison Square Park, New York City by Maya Lin. Play the audio tour which highlights some of the sounds of animals that where once found in Manhattan. The names are given in English and Lenape.