High Line Views

Also on last Sunday at the High Line. I look forward to the opening of Little Island in the Hudson. I photographed 2 of the art instantons that interested me.

Old Curiosity Shop

In about 1958 my mother went to The Old Curiosity Shop in London and bought this book for me. A large 9 by 11 inch version of the sad story of The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens. The illustrations by Frank Reynolds, R. I. are priceless. I can’t find a publishing date in it or anything else about the book.

The book is one of the few things I have left from my mother and from that time. I remember reading it in a flat in Queensborough Terrace, Kensington, in my bedroom. My room used to be the old larder behind the kitchen and had no heat except for a small kerosene heater – very Dickensian. I loved the little moss garden in the gutter outside the window.

Click on the first one to enlarge and run the slide show. This is for you Derrick.

Hibiscus Sketch

It’s been a while since I played with Corel Photo-Paint. I always loved their sketch effects. Using a combuination of effects and layers I can adjust things until I am happy with it. This is the same red hibiscus I posted previously.

Hibiscus sketch

Friends near Solon

I have known my friend since the ‘60s. We were neighbors on Attorney Street in the Lower East Side, New York City. My friend is an artist and she always had a place up in Maine. In 1968 I stayed with her for a month or so while we were both pregnant. We went to visit her and her mate in 2012. They live in the countryside near Solon, Maine, and they each have studios. Their entire place is full of wonderful art and curiosities. We all drove to Skowhegan for lunch at a Thai place. After lunch we went to visit an artist friend of theirs. I wish I could see them more often.