Tyler Road

The Tyler Rood Trail is in in Upper Township in southern New Jersey close to Cape May. It has lovely meadows with butterflies and flowers and a small family burial ground. I recently read “The Pine Barrens” by John McPhee. It covers the culture of the Pineys and much more.

Plants in the Pine Barrens

I like to try to identify wildflowers. I use iNaturalist and the internet. The red maples are seeding and from a distance it looks like the trees have red flowers. 5 of 8 posts.

Central Park LS

Landscapes and spring flowers in March.

Marine Park

Marine Park in Brooklyn was the third place we stopped at during the LSNY field trip. We found our target bird, a Red-headed Woodpecker. The Hooded Mergansers were at the Salt Marsh nature Center at Marine Park.

Central Park Three

We went to Central Park with the Linnaean Society of NY on a birding trip on Sunday 3/12/2023. It has been a long time since I’ve been to the park. It was lovely seeing my old friends. Richard Z led the trip and did an excellent job finding us birds. I will post some of the highlights here and in the next several posts.