Sunset beach

We drove to sunset Beach after dinner along with everyone else. We watched the sun go down. We saw dolphins and least terns too. Then we drove away along with everyone else. What an amusing event. The gift stores there stay open late during sunset. Sunset Beach – Cape May, New Jersey (

City of Cape May 3 of 3

The last of the Victorian Gingerbread architecture. We saw a lot of lovely Victorian style houses that day.

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City of Cape May 2 of 3

I photographed these from the moving tour trolly. My Sony Rx10M4 did the job very well. Then I did lots of work in post removing cars, powerlines, and adding gardens or cobblestone roads with AI in Photoshop.

I used Google maps and Wikipedia to help ID a few of the houses. Cape May Historic District – Wikipedia. Also check out Cape May Historic District – Cape May Experiences and Activities.

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City of Cape May 1 of 3

We both enjoy history. Marc offers tours see Marc’s Village Walk | History Tours of Greenwich Village, NYC ( We did a historical trolly tour of old Cape May. The guide was a school teacher and was very entertaining. See Trolley Tours | Cape May MAC.

The second image is before editing using the new beta version of Photoshop. I was very impressed with how generate fill AI created a tree trunk where the sign on the left was. I also used generative AI to add cobblestones, and remove powerlines, cars, and people.

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Washington Inn & Plum Beach Farm

Two of the best places to eat in Cape May is the Washington Inn – Cape May New Jersey and Beach Plum Farm, Cottage Rentals, Produce Market and Kitchen – West Cape May, NJ (

On the trolly tour we were told that the original owner moved the building to another place on his property. Then decided to move it back. We’ve been going there for about 20 years. The food is consistently fabulous. Menu below…

I loved Beach Plum Farm. The gourmet tasting dinner was amazing (see menu Below). We came back to shop in the store the next day.

Beach Plum Farm, W Cape May 5/19/2023

Cape May Dolphins

I booked a Sunset Whale Watching and Dolphin Cruise with dinner. The dinner was canceled and refunded ( It was like a party boat. Very few people were interested in wildlife. Drinking was the main activity. I made some nice pictures. The sunset was lovely, as were the dolphins (mother and baby) and a bald eagle.

Cape May Meadows

At the tip of Cape May is a nature sanctuary called South Cape May Meadows | The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey. Next we dropped by the North Woods Center Cape May Bird Observatory | New Jersey Audubon ( run by New Jersey Audubon. And after visiting there we ate lunch at the Cape May Bird Observation Deck near the light house.

Tyler Road

The Tyler Rood Trail is in in Upper Township in southern New Jersey close to Cape May. It has lovely meadows with butterflies and flowers and a small family burial ground. I recently read “The Pine Barrens” by John McPhee. It covers the culture of the Pineys and much more.