Greenbrook Edits

I downloaded a trial version of Boris FX Optics to see if it is worth purchasing to take my photographs to the next level. I will not buy it. I can do all that Optics offers in Photoshop. If on occasion I want some other presets I have On1 Effects, Luminar Neo and AI, and Topaz Photo AI. What I use the most are Blake Rudis’ F64 Elite panels in Photoshop Zone System Express and Palette Effects Bundle – f.64 Elite ( These buttons in the panels are basically shortcuts to what can be done in Photoshop without the panels. These addons make it faster to get what I want done. Blake’s tutorials explain how they work in detail.

After enhancing my edits and before photographs.

Green Brook 1/21/2023
Green Brook Pond Spillway 1/22/2023
Moss and lichen, Greenbrook 1/22/2023


After shopping for food in New Jersey we drove to Greenbrook Sanctuary | Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey (, a private nature sanctuary in Tenafly. The feeders behind the office were full of birds. We had a lovely walk to Green Brook Pond and to an overlook of the Hudson River on the Palisades. Photographs labeled Felix are by Marc.

After that we drove a couple of miles north to my favorite restaurant near Greenbrook, Kiku Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi., on 9W.


A brief trip to Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary on the Palisades near Alpine, New Jersey.

Greenbrook in Ice

The ice covered trees sparkled like diamonds in the sun at Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary on February 5, 2022. Walking was difficult because of all the ice so we didn’t walk far or stay long. The leaves and branches everywhere were encased in ice.