We saw three grand waterfalls on July 14. In the Golden Circle the first waterfall was Gullfoss. Guide to Iceland’s video (our travel agent) is excellent. On route 1, the Ring Road, on the way to Vik in South Iceland we stopped at Seljalandsfoss. We climbed up behind the fall. It was not an easy climb because it is steep and slippery. It was a relief to make it to the top. Running out of time as usual we stopped for a 10 minute photo shoot of Skógafoss. I would have liked to climb up to have a different view – but not time! Check out that video too.

Due to the presence of the fatty acid exaltolide, angelica root extracts have a musky aroma and the root is used for flavoring foods and beverages. This plant appears very ornamental with wide, pinned hairy leaves and clusters of white to greenish-white or yellow-green umbrella-like flowers. The history behind the name of the herb is interesting. It is said that in ancient times, the root of the plant was brought to earth by a monk for the treatment of plague.

Reykjavik July 13

The first post of our 10 day trip to Iceland. We booked a 1 week self drive tour by Guide to Iceland. The drew up an itinerary of places to see and I chose some extra events and tours. They booked the car (a 4×4 KIA), rooms and meals The rooms were excellent and the food top quality. There were a few minor negatives which I will cover in later post. With all the extras, shopping, plus an extra 2 days more in Reykjavik, the total including airfare came to $9,000. If I hadn’t booked extra tours, bought an Icelandic wool sweater, and bird book we could have done it for about $6,000.

I used Google Earth pro to make KMJ files then imported those into Google Earth to create the map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=15Ex_VUE50RyW4f4IjymSv-gRPuu3gqub&usp=sharing. The locations listed on the map are those we managed to get to on the tour itinerary minus the last day, July 22, which was to Videy Island. The map enhances the text below.

First day at Reykjavik on went without incident. After a brief look at Hofdi Lighthouse we went to Saltjarness point to see some birds. Kopar restaurant was wonderful. We had the best food ever and a view of the harbor with a rainbow. After dinner we walked over to look at the strange grass dome structure. The room was OK, and it was a relief to have parking in the basement.

Sandy Hook 1 Birds

On Saturday we attended the Littoral Society‘s annual picnic at Sandy Hook, part of Gateway NRA. We went on the bird walk led by Don Riepe. I lost count of the Ospreys. Every chimney had a nest.

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Great Swamp and Lord Stirling

On Sunday we went with the Linnaean Society of NY to the Great Swamp NWR in Morris County, New Jersey and Lord Stirling Park in Somerset County, New Jersey. The photos signed Felix are by Marc. He found the wood frog.

Chandler and Calverton LI

Yesterday we went to the Chandler Preserve in Mt Sinai, Long Island, New York with the Linnaean Society of NY. After the main field trip was over a few of us went to a field by the Chandler VOR-DME nearby.