Snow in Central Park

I went to the park the day after the wet snow storm.

Birding Central Park in February

We went to Central Park on Saturday 2/12/2018 to do a bit of bird watching. We joined a group of friends on a Linnaean Society of New York birding trip. The highlights were a a Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s Hawk. It was a mild, gray, wet day. We saw 33 species of birds.

Turtle Pond, Central Park 2/10/2018
Turtle Pond, Central Park 2/10/2018

Marc took some arty shots with his cell phone.

Mourning Doves in the Snow

During the big snowstorm on January 4, 2018 the Mourning Doves that Marc feeds huddled by their dish on the air-conditioner while the wind and snow blew.