Central Park Birds

I snuck in one turtle.

Flaco the Eagle-owl

Flaco the famous Eurasian Eagel-0wl escaped form the Central Park zoo on February 2, 2023. He has managed very well. I finally took a trip to the park to see him for myself on March 21. He was napping in his new favorite tree over a waterfall in the Lock. Perhaps he likes the sound of the waterfall.

New York Times article March 5, 2023: Why We Love Flaco, the Escaped Owl – The New York Times

Marine Park

Marine Park in Brooklyn was the third place we stopped at during the LSNY field trip. We found our target bird, a Red-headed Woodpecker. The Hooded Mergansers were at the Salt Marsh nature Center at Marine Park.

Floyd Bennett Field

The second stop on Saturday’s LSNY trip was to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. The kestrel hovered in place over the meadow. You’ll have to take my word for it that the small lump in the tree is a Bald Eagle’s nest with the bird.

Entered into Bird of the Week at Gadwall, bird of the week – Don’t hold your breath (wordpress.com)

Chisholm SP

A Linnaean NY field trip on Saturday March 18. We spent all day at three locations along the shores of Brooklyn. The first stop was at Shirley Chisholm State Park. More to come…

The song sparrow who held on tight to a wildly swaying branch and the screaming oystercatchers made me laugh.

Bryant Park Woodcock

Bryant Park is an oasis for migrating American Woodcock or Timberdoodle. Perhaps the wall of buildings causes the low flying birds to drop out of the sky at night. And Bryant Park has greenery to hide in and worms for them to feed on before they move on.

We were lucky this time to see one sitting under a bush with an audience of birders surrounding it. Many times when I’ve gone there during migration I haven’t found any Woodcocks.

I love their oscillating sowing machine walk. Timberdoodles are adorable.

Central Park Birds of Prey

We say Red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawks, and a Great Horned Owl on Sunday. It was a good day for seeing raptors.