Hosmer Grove

On our first trip to Hosmer Grove in Haleakala NP to look for endemic birds. It was rainy, foggy and freezing cold. I did see one bird – the Iʻiwi or scarlet honeycreeper (Drepanis coccinea). See ʻIʻiwi – Wikipedia and also see ʻIʻiwi – American Bird Conservancy (abcbirds.org). It feeds on the endangered Metrosideros polymorpha – Wikipedia. These photographs aren’t clear because of the weather.

Kahanu Garden

Here, at Kahanu – National Tropical Botanical Garden (ntbg.org), more that any other place in Maui, you will find yourself alone and able to feel what Maui used to be like. Few people go there. Perhaps because it is too educational and not glitzy enough. We loved it. I learned a lot about the native plants. The history of the place is interesting too History – National Tropical Botanical Garden (ntbg.org)

After a full day at the Garden of Eden and Kahanu Garden we drove to Paia – Maui’s Hippie And Surfer Town – Maui Hawaii and dined at the excellent Paia Fish Market.

Tropical Express Waikapu

I do not recommend the Tropical Express at Waikapu. The tour was not worth the money. We could easily have seen it without the ride with little information given. They do have a nice gift store Maui Tropical Plantation.

Maui Ocean Center

It took a day to see everything at the Maui Ocean Center | Aquarium of Hawai‘i | Encounter Hawai‘i’s Marine Life. Plus we booked a gourmet meal for lunch at their Seascape restaurant Dine With Us | Maui Ocean Center. I booked ahead. The 3D theater was amazing. The whale’s nose was inches from my face Humpbacks of Hawaiʻi Exhibit & Sphere – Maui Ocean Center. I only wish there was an adults only day. The screaming children are too much for me. Gone are the days when parents made their children behave in museums and zoos.

Kealia Pond

We visited this small wildlife preserve, Maui Bird Watching | Friends of Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, in South Maui several times. It is close to the airport and Whole Foods. The blurry Sleepy Orange is a life butterfly.

Kipahulu National Park

By noon we arrived at Kīpahulu District – Haleakalā National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov) around noon (still on the Hana Highway). I did not hike the steep 2 miles up to Waimoku Falls because it was only 3 months since my broken hip. We did the lovely half mile Kuoa Point loop trail by the O’heo Gulch instead.

Koki Beach

We saw Frigate birds over the beach and over Alau Island Seabird Sanctuary.

Legend: The dark red sand at Kōkī Beach was produced by the nearby cinder cone hill of Ka Iwi O Pele, meaning “bones of Pele.” According to Hawaiian legend, Kōkī Beach is where the volcano goddess Pele fought her final battle with her older sister, Namakaokaha’i, the goddess of the ocean.

Wialu Falls is visible from the Hana Highway.

I wanted to try Maui beef but didn’t get to try it. This article tells about the beef and lists restaurants that serve it: High Stakes

Wai’anapanapa State Park

Midway along the loop road to Hana we stopped at Division of State Parks | Waiʻānapanapa State Park (hawaii.gov). We purchased tickets in advance. The highlight there were the Brown Noddies. The Hawaiian cemetery there is private.

I was looked at other tours on YouTube. Most people only go to the beaches. There are so many beaches, many are almost empty. I found the gardens and other places mostly empty too. Very serene.