Whales in Lower Bay

On a gloriously nice day we set sail from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York to look for whales in the Lower Bay on a Whale Watching & Dolphin Adventure Cruise in New York City aboard the American Princess (americanprincesscruises.com). One young humpback put on a show by reputedly leaping out of the water like a skipping stone. Some whales slapped the water to move the fish to lower depths. The 5 young humpbacks were feeding on the large schools of Menhaden – Wikipedia. So were cormorants, osprey, loons and other predators. The first image is a composite.

Cloisters Flowers 2

Last of this series. The rain drops enhanced the plants. Post 6 of 6.

Cloisters Flower 1

The gardens at the Cloisters are gorgeous in the spring. 5 of 6 posts.

Fort Tryon Flowers 2

It was hard to select my best so I posted many. 4 of 6 posts.

Fort Tryon Flowers 1

Sierra Photo NYC trip. 3 of 6 posts.


We also visited The Met Cloisters with the Sierra Photo NYC. The images at the top are for Thursday Doors. 2 of 6 posts.

Fort Tryon Park

This year’s trip to Fort Tryon Pak and the Cloisters with Sierra Photo New York City. This post is landscapes of the park. 1 of 6 posts.

Green-Wood Doors

Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY has hundreds of doors to the mausoleums. Next to the Callery pear tree is a gate to the afterlife. The last image shows the Manhattan skyline at the horizon.

A link to History – Green-Wood.

For Thursday doors.