Green-Wood Doors

Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY has hundreds of doors to the mausoleums. Next to the Callery pear tree is a gate to the afterlife. The last image shows the Manhattan skyline at the horizon.

A link to History – Green-Wood.

For Thursday doors.

Green-Wood Trees in April

A few of the magnificent trees in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

Nature – Green-Wood for the Arboretum page.

Green-Wood Flowers in April

The cemetery is full of flowers in the Spring.

Green-Wood Birds in April

Rather than walk with the Linnaean Society’s field trip we drove. I injured my Achilles tendon and walking is painful. We cam across the group at Crescent Water and they excitedly beckoned us over. There was a Wilson’s Snipe there. It wasn’t as birdy a day as it could have been.

Green-Wood Nature in April

A few of the birds and plants that we saw in Green-Wood – National Historic Landmark in Brooklyn, NY.

Green-Wood in April

My favorite Cemetery, Green-Wood – National Historic Landmark in Brooklyn, NY, looks lovely this time of year. I injured my Achilles heel so we drove around to and stopped briefly to make photographs.

Green-Wood Grass

Green-Wood has a program to help wildlife and improve the environment. This article explains what they are doing Rethinking Urban Grasslands – Green-Wood.

Green-Wood Mausoleums

I love the elaborate Gothic and Romanesque architecture on some of the mausoleums.