Battery Park Flowers

I planned to meet up with the Sierra Photo NYC group at Battery Park at the tip of Manhattan. I arrived way too early and it was raining. There was no where dry to sit so I decided to leave after taking a few photographs.

NYBG Not Orchids 8 of 8

A few of the other plants we saw that day.

NYBG Orchids 7 of 8

Mostly single and pink orchids.

NYBG Orchids 6 of 8

Single orchids – mostly yellow ones.

NYBG Orchids 5 of 8

Slipper and Spider orchids. And a few I don’t know.

NYBG Orchids 4 of 8

The first 5 are by me and the rest are by Marc. I used a macro lens on a Nikon Z7 and he used his Samsung S22 cell ph0ne.

NYBG Orchids 3 of 8

These are groups of orchids.

NYBG Orchids 2 of 8

I broke this up into about 10 images in each of 8 posts posts. We took about 400 photos and I deleting about 80. It took me a few days to process them all. Here are some views of the terrific landscaping. The last 3 are by Marc.