NYBG Roses

It was a long walk from the Greenhouse over the Bronx River to the Rose garden. Many people were enjoying the late roses. Here are my dozen roses.

NYBG Lilies

I made lots of lily pictures. On some I added ripples. I spent days processing all the botanical gardens images.

HL Flowers

Fall Flowers on the high Line. Post 4 of 4.

Bayard Cutting and

Last week Paula, Marc and I drove to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. We had dinner after in at the Flounder Inn in Oakdale, Long Island. It took me a while to process these because I have been busy house hunting, etc.

Breezy Pt and FBF

In addition to the landscapes I posted yesterday, I felt like taking some closeups and used my macro lens on my Nikon D610.