NYBG Not Orchids 8 of 8

A few of the other plants we saw that day.

NYBG Orchids 7 of 8

Mostly single and pink orchids.

NYBG Orchids 6 of 8

Single orchids – mostly yellow ones.

NYBG Orchids 5 of 8

Slipper and Spider orchids. And a few I don’t know.

NYBG Orchids 4 of 8

The first 5 are by me and the rest are by Marc. I used a macro lens on a Nikon Z7 and he used his Samsung S22 cell ph0ne.

NYBG Orchids 3 of 8

These are groups of orchids.

NYBG Orchids 2 of 8

I broke this up into about 10 images in each of 8 posts posts. We took about 400 photos and I deleting about 80. It took me a few days to process them all. Here are some views of the terrific landscaping. The last 3 are by Marc.

NYBG Orchid Show 1 of 8

Members day was a good day to visit the The Orchid Show: Natural Heritage » New York Botanical Garden (nybg.org). I love the natural theme this year with all the moss, ferns, and moss. We went with a friend and ate at Mario’s on Arthur Avenue after. It rained but that didn’t matter because we were mostly indoors and the tram ride in the gardens after the greenhouse is covered.