North Central Park

The first set is from the Ravine and Butterfly Gardens in Central Park (map). A few of these gave me a bit of trouble to identify.

The second set of flowers are in the Conservatory Garden. I am stuck on the last two. Does anyone know what they are called?

A friend, Fritz, from the Butterfly Club in NYC helped me identify the red daisy like flower. It is Great Masterwort (Astrantia major ‘Rubra’).

Central Park at Last

My first trip to Central Park this Spring was this morning. We saw warblers and other migrants.

Central Park with LSNY

I attended a field trip for winter birds led by Richard Z. for The Linnaean Society of New York on Saturday. The write-up for the trip is on the LSNY site that I manage and designed for the organization.

I had fun embellishing these images.

Two rarities were a partially leucistic Grackle and a young Red-headed Woodpecker.

North Central Park

I made these photographs during a trip with Sierra Photo NYC in January.