Moorish Door

On our way tto the anual Linnaean Society of NY dinner I photgraphed the Fifth Avenue Synagogue’s Moorish style door (1927) at 50 East 87th Street, in Manhattan.

Moorish Door 3/12/2019
Moorish Door 2, 3/12/2019

Snow Gate

I’m sneaking in a gate instead of a door. The patterns the snow enhanced on the gate and trees caught my eye. It’s been a while since I contributed.

Greenwich Village 3/2/2019 #21

Best of 2018 Doors

148 9th Avenue, NYC 3/19/2018
148 9th Avenue, NYC 3/19/2018
  1. The lilac door is my favorite from 2018. I love the color and texture.
  2. I also like the Jefferson Market Libray doors because of the architecture and history
  3. I like the processing I did on the Fort Gansevoort door 
  4. Lastly, it’s nice to have a door that looks like it belongs in the country on my block


632 Hudson Street

Around the corner from our place. For Norm’s Thurday Doors, December 6, 2018.

632 Hudson Street 10/25/2018
632 Hudson Street 10/25/2018
630 Hudson Street 11/26/2018
630 Hudson Street 10/25/2018