Green-Wood Doors to Eternity

It’s a terrific place for doors. This 5th in the series of Green-Wood Cemetery posts is for Thursday Doors: For Dan at

Two W4th Street Doors

Classic doors with stoops (from the Dutch word stoep) or stairs. In New York many still call them stoops. When the Dutch colonists settled in New York in the 1600s they added this style of stairs to rows of apartments called tenements and brownstones. The second photograph has the now closed historic Fedora Restaurant in the basement.

For Thursday Doors hosted by Dan: Thirsty Pagan Doors – No Facilities

Reykjavik Doors

Reykjavik has lots of interesting doors. I photographed a few on July 13, 20, 21 and 22.

For Thursday Doors. Here’s Today’s Thursday Doors.

The Icelandic parliament was responsible for the church being built. The rules for the design competition (announced in 1929) specified that the church should seat 1200, and have a high tower that could potentially be used for transmission of radio signals.

The state architect, Guðjón Samúelsson (1887 – 1950), started work on the design in 1937. A nationalistic style typified his work, as was common among Nordic architects of the period. He was also responsible for other important buildings in Reykjavík: the main building of the University of Iceland; the National Theatre; and the RC Church of Christ the King. He drew richly on Icelandic traditions and materials in his designs, and Hallgrímskirkja, his ultimate work, shows this clearly, symbolising mountains and glaciers soaring up through hexagonal columnar basalt.

Until 1940, Reykjavík was a single parish, and then three new parishes were established, including Hallgrímskirkja parish, which then had the task of building its church. It was consecrated in 1986. Source:

NYC Doors

It’s been a while since I posted some doors for Thursday Doors. They are all in Manhattan.

Pastel Doors

I saw these doors while on my way home in Greenwich Village. It was a lovely spring day and the colors of these doors reminded me of Easter.

For Thursday Doors 3/25/2021