Riviera and Smalls Doors

The Riviera, 1969-2017 is on W 4th Street and 6th Avenue. Sorry to see it closed.
Photographs taken in Greenwich Village, New York City.

Riviera 1969-2017, 225 W 4th Street and 6th Avenue, 4/20/2019

Smalls is a world famous jazz club.

Smalls Jazz Club 1993-, 183 W 10th Street, 4/20/2019

A Pretty shop done up for Spring

390 Bleecker Street, 4/20/2019

A gate leads into this lovely little triangular park, Father Demo Square.

Father Demo Square 1923-, 4/20/2019

For Norm’s Thursday Doors, April 25, 2019

Moorish Door

On our way tto the anual Linnaean Society of NY dinner I photgraphed the Fifth Avenue Synagogue’s Moorish style door (1927) at 50 East 87th Street, in Manhattan.

Moorish Door 3/12/2019

Moorish Door 2, 3/12/2019

Best of 2018 Doors

148 9th Avenue, NYC 3/19/2018
148 9th Avenue, NYC 3/19/2018

  1. The lilac door https://port4u.net/2018/03/22/lilac-door/ is my favorite from 2018. I love the color and texture.
  2. I also like the Jefferson Market Libray doors because of the architecture and history https://port4u.net/2018/02/22/jefferson-market-library/
  3. I like the processing I did on the Fort Gansevoort door https://port4u.net/2018/03/08/fort-gansevoort/ 
  4. Lastly, it’s nice to have a door that looks like it belongs in the country on my block https://port4u.net/2018/09/06/horatio-door/