An annual event that I enjoy seeing is the LEAF Festival of Flowers – Meatpacking District Official Website (meatpacking-district.com)

Chelsea Market

Around the corner form us is the Chelsea Market by the Meat Packing District in Manhattan, New York. Once owned by the National Biscuit Company. It is a fun place to visit and has lots of shops and eateries in it. For Thursday doors st Duff, June 9, 2022.

Bedford Street Doors

Bedford Street is in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC. The white door led to the back of the building. Unfortunately, Chumley’s is gone now. I went there many times long ago.

The plain door on W 13 Street has a lovely ceramic floral wreath on it.

For Thursday Doors 5/5/2022

W 4 Street Door

I love the Spring like dove decorations around this colorful door in Greenwich Village, New York.

For Thursday Doors

Sharing our Loss of Dinka

Our darling bird, Dinka died suddenly and without warning on Friday March 11, 2022. He was a 20-year-old Timneh Grey. Dinka was named after the Dinka people – Wikipedia in Africa. I indigenous people and the sound of the name. Dinka could have lived to be 40 to 70 years old.

I am trying my best to grapple with my grief and posting this was difficult. Pets become close family members. I am sure you can empathize with our loss. We buried him on the same day. I created two composite images to show where he is now.

Gay Street

A few doors on Gay Street in Greenwich Village.

For Thursday Doors on 2/17/2022.