Icy Textures

Snow patterns and textures created on January 30, 2022 plus one from Central Park on February 2.

Bank Street Tree

I had this dark processing in mind when I photographed this tree in the snow. The third of these three processing methods is an inverted image that makes it look a little like an infrared image.

Method: In Photoshop I cloned out the windows, added a starburst protecting the darks, added a vignette, converted it to B&W, and added a blur and masking out the center. In the third one I inverted the image as well.

Contributed to the One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-February 2022

CP Snow Details

Odd things attract me. Here are a few that I captured during the January 8th 2022 photowalk with Sierra Photo NYC.

Hudson Snow

First snow this year at Hudson River Park in Greenwich Village. I was mystified by a string of circular ice cubes (next to last photo). I figured it out: The snow plow treads left them.

Horatio and Abingdon Snow

Our first snowfall of this winter in NYC was on January 7, 2022. I was excited to go out and photograph it. I antiqued the first one (we live in that building on the corner) and selectively altered saturation in the others. I toned down the color the strong color of the buildings to put the focus on the snow. Only two are straight B&W.

Snow and Trees

More from Central Park after the snow storm.

Pond and Castle

Snow scenes at Turtle pond and Belvedere Castle. After the snow storm on Tuesday February 2nd. The snow adhered to the north sides of trees and the statue.