Daffodil – B&W

I converted this yellow daffodil in a recent post to black and white for Monochrome Madness March 31, 2016. I wanted it to have a slight sepia tone and look like an old etching, so I chose a flower with a plain background, intricate shapes, detail and texture.

Daffodil sp. Central Park 3/23/2016
Daffodil sp. as B&W sketch Central Park 3/23/2016

Chinatown Frog Pot

I originally made this photo in color on September 2011 at Mulberry Street, Chinatown, New York City and converted it to B&W for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness on March 30, 2016.

Chinatown Frog Pot 9/25/2011
Chinatown Frog Pot 9/25/2011
Chinatown Frog Pot 9/25/2011
Original color version – Chinatown Frog Pot 9/25/2011


Birds in Autumn

I photographed these in my favorite place, Central Park, this September and October, 2015. I have been trying out the new Sigma 150-600 mm lens on my Nikon D750 — not bad at all. Then I processed them in Lightroom, Photoshop. And in some, using onOne, I added textures, shading and other tricks to create the mood I wanted. This is my creative outlet.

Doing these things to my photos means I will never be able to sell them as stock images. I hope someone will like one of my photographs well enough to want to buy one or two.

Bashakill WMA by the Shawngunk Mountains

I went for a trip with 3 of my birding friends to Bashakill Wildlife Management Area, Sullivan County, New York on the weekend of June 6th. The first day we spent by the lake. The following morning I took some lovely photographs of dawn at the lake. Later that morning we drove up Gumaer Road, alongside a stream of the same name; stopping here and there to listen, and occasionally spot, an Acadian Flycatcher, singing Dark-eyed Juncos, Veerys and a Wood Thrush. I didn’t have my Nikon 80-400 mm lens, which is being repaired, so I am sorry to say I couldn’t photograph two young ravens being fed some red meat. Lastly, we walked along the D&H Canal Linear Park. The area is lovely and bright green this time of year with many birds, turtles and other wildlife. I had a marvelous time. We saw 55 species of birds and other flora and fauna.

I experimented with black and white with added sepia tints. Each one required its own methods to get the best result in Lightroom’s “darkroom” for translating to B&W. I aimed to create a mood and accentuate certain details. Here are both color and black and white versions for comparison.