Witch Hazel

Early Witch Hazel in February on Roosevelt Island.

Strecker Laboratory

Doors on the Strecker Memorial Laboratory on Roosevelt Island. Strecker Laboratory is east of the Renwick Ruins on Southpoint. Built in 1892, Strecker Memorial Laboratory was designed by Frederick Clarke Withers and built in 1892.

Strecker Laboratory was the first laboratory in the country devoted exclusively to pathological and bacteriological research. Administrated by the Charity Hospital, later called the City Hospital. In 1907, the Russell Sage Institute of Pathology worked there until 1912 when they moved to Weill Cornell Medical in Manhattan and Rockefeller University.

The New York City Transit Authority refurbished the building’s exterior and it now serves as the power conversion station for the E and V subway lines. Roosevelt Island Historical Society » Strecker Memorial Laboratory (rihs.us)

For Thursday Doors February 3, 2022.

Roosevelt Memorial

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Memorial on Roosevelt Island, NYC (for details see: Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park – Wikipedia). The trees in the second picture put out roots that go over the path’s border into the lawn to get water.

Renwick Smallpox Hospital

The Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island was built in 1856 from designs by James Renwick, Jr. It is the only landmarked ruin in New York City. Being a ruin is what gives it an air of mystery and charm.


Queensboro Bridge

The Queensboro Bridge, built in 1909, was the first bridge linking Queens to Manhattan. It was designed by engineer Gustav Lindenthal and architect Henry Hornbostel. An interesting tidbit is Simon and Garfunkle’s 1966 song “59th Street Bridge (Feelin’ Groovy)“. Read more about that and the bridge at Beyond the Village and Back: The Queensboro Bridge – Village Preservation.

Roosevelt Island

This is the first of a half dozen posts of photographs made during a trip to Roosevelt Island in the East River on February 17th 2022. The two mile long island is part of the borough of Manhattan, New York. The island was called Minnehanonck by the Lenape and Varkens Eylandt (Hog Island) by New Netherlanders (source: Roosevelt Island – Wikipedia). The trip was sponsored by Sierra Photo NYC. Some of these have augmented skies.