Breezy Pt and FBF

In addition to the landscapes I posted yesterday, I felt like taking some closeups and used my macro lens on my Nikon D610.

Breezy, Tilden and FBF

On Saturday we drove out to Breezy Point in Queens, NY. On the way back we stopped at Fort Tilden in Queens and Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. I did a fair amount of work post processing in these landscapes to bring out the composition, colors, and feeling.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

It was nice to go to this East River park in Brooklyn, New York, after the rain when there are clouds and nice soft light.

Two of the Manhattan Bridge supports were being taken away by barge, presumable for repairs.

Someday when I would like to go to the The River Cafe. When I feel I can burn up a wad of cash.

Floyd Bennett

We drove to Floyd Bennett field for me to have a practice session driving the car on the almost empty old runways. We had a picnic lunch by the community gardens there.