My favorite cemetery in Brooklyn is Green-Wood, a national historic monument. It is a great place to bird and photograph. We drive through it by car, driving around slowly stopping often. I’ll be making 6 posts of my enhanced and processed photographs. Most of them have sky replacements.

Red Hook

After a visit to Ikea to buy a kitchen ladder we drove to a pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Dancers were preforming in the little park.

Manhattan from Brooklyn

Views of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park during the OPTIC trip. An artist was using a strange contraption to make his art.

Old Pier 1 Pilings

The last stop of the OPTIC trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park was at the pilings of Old Pier 1 with a view of Manhattan at sunset led by National Parks at Night.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

We attended a walk in Dumbo led by photographers who gave talks and classes at OPTIC. We split up into groups. I went around Brooklyn Bridge Park with Camille Seaman who gave a talk on the Polar Regions at OPTIC. She is a Shinnecock Native American photographer. I like her message and style of teaching. There was a filming of the Best Man… taking place there too.

Gowanus and the Brooklyn Bridge

I like to shop at Whole Foods in Brooklyn by the Gowanus Canal. I also edited an old photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge while testing the freeze in Photoshop.

Rockaway Baby

This macabre thing caught my eye at Rockaway Beach. I thought it was a dead animal at first. This gloomy image matched my mood at that moment. I am in mourning for our recently departed bird Dinka and slip into melancholy easily.

Civic Virtue

This strange “sculpture is known as an allegorical personification: a story or set of abstract ideas symbolized by the human form. The youthful male figure represents Virtue: honest, incorruptible city government. The writhing feminized sea creatures, caught up in netting, together represent the Vices over which Civic Virtue strives to triumph: treachery and corruption. is now in Greenwood Cemetery. It is controversial and sexist. “Controversy erupted as soon as the monument was unveiled. Civic Virtue was viewed as a male stomping upon two women and not as an allegorical personification.” Read all about it here: “Civic Virtue” Historical Marker (

My opinion on this sort of controversial sculpture is to leave them up and use them as a teaching tool as they did with this one by posting a plaque with the text from the contents of the link I provided above.