Sandy Hook

We went on a botanical walk during the annual Littoral​ Society ( picnic at Sandy Hook, part of Gateway National Recreation Area.

I learned how a little window on the seed pod opens on the Clasping Venus’ Looking-glass (Triodanis perfoliata) and the seeds tumble out.

Little Island

A few photographs that I made on Little Island by lower Manhattan in the Hudson River.

Chincoteague 5

We covered a more of the Chincoteague NWR and the little Island Nature Trail – Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce with other members of the NY Littoral Society. What made the whole trip so rewarding was the expertise of some of the participants and all the keen eyes and minds. In addition to what I learned during the trip I used my memory, books, and iNaturalist to ID these.

Chincoteague 2

We toured Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia for most of the day.

Central Park Flora in April

Photographed during the Linnaean NY field trip.

Pine Barrens Flora

This third and last post on the Pine Barrens shows what a lot of the area looks like inland and a few of the plants.

Central Park Daffodils

Also photographed on March 27th. Daffs are so cheerful. The robins are back on full force staking out their bits of lawn. One was staring indignantly at some picnickers occupying his spot.

Witch Hazel

Early Witch Hazel in February on Roosevelt Island.