Egg Island and Cape May Harbor

We had a busy day on the 18th of September. First we went to Egg Island Fish and Wildlife Management Area in Cumberland County, NJ. Later on we took a Birding by Boat Tour of Cape May Harbor and Jarvis Sound.

Cape May Wetlands

By the Cape May Lighthouse is a huge wetland area with loads of butterflies.

Cape May NWR

An early morning visit to Cape May NWR. One of several places that we went to on that day. We were almost alone there. It was windy and cool.

E B Forsythe NWR

We had a week away! The first in many years. Possible because I feel energized and much recovered from years of chronic Lyme. Thanks to the Morrison Center in NYC. This trip was so restorative.

We stayed at an AirBnB (not the best) in Egg Harbor, NJ. Here are photos from the first day when we went to Forsythe:


My darling niece. It is hard to say this. She is gone. Our family is in shock over the sudden loss. Georgia’s anguish was too much for her to bear and she decided to end her time on Earth. She was a fun loving, vibrant, and caring girl. This is evident in her pictures. The few hours I spent with Georgia is worth a lifetime. Perhaps because I am a mother, I feel her loss more than my mother’s, who passed in October 2018. Georgia and her brother, Benjamin were very close and, I feel for him too. So many young lives are lost to suicide. We do our best; unfortunately, not all can be saved. Georgia is at peace now. Having these pictures helps me to treasure her memory.

Her uncle Marc wrote: “To paraphrase Elton John, ‘How wonderful when Georgia was in this world.’ Now there is a wound in my heart that will take a long time to heal.”