Hempstead Lake and LI Shore

On Saturday April 17th we went on a birding trip with the Linnaean Society of NY to Hempstead Lake SP, Point Lookout and Nickerson Beach in Nassau County, Long Island. It was a lovely group of people and a lovely day. I enjoyed the new Spring growth. It wasn’t a good bird shooting day for me. A highlight was a black-capped Chickadee collecting nesting material a couple of feet away from me. Another was the Harlequins.

Jamaica Bay

I went to Jamaica Bay NWR in Brooklyn with two dear friends yesterday. There were quite a few winter ducks. I enjoyed the Brant and Snow Geese. A special one was the Long Tailed Duck at Sheepshead Bay. The best one for me was the Long-tailed Grackle who serenaded us. As part of its song it did a wing slap. I learned something new. It was real treat to get out and bird.

Central Park Birds Wednesday

I actually photographed these on Tuesday April 11 in Central Park and processed them next day. So the title is not totally wrong.

One of those lucky shots.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Central Park 4/11/2017
Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Central Park 4/11/2017

The Red-headed Woodpecker has been there all winter but I was unable to get to that part of the park to see it until now. A terrible bunch of photos of it, but they are mine.

Red-headed Woodpecker, Cnetral Park 4/12/2017
Red-headed Woodpecker, Cnetral Park 4/12/2017

Green-winged Teal

A Green-winged Teal is the last bird I saw in 2016 at the Pond at Central Park. Best wishes for a happy and productive year.