Fort Tryon Park

This year’s trip to Fort Tryon Pak and the Cloisters with Sierra Photo New York City. This post is landscapes of the park. 1 of 6 posts.

Jersey Shore

After dinner I wanted to see the waves at Beach Haven Heights, Long Beach Township, New Jersey by the Edwin B Forsyth NWR. The sun was setting as we crossed Dorland J Henderson Memorial Bridge. The last photograph was made at a rest stop on the way home. 8 of 8 posts.

Wetlands View

More photographs of the Wetlands View by an old causeway in the Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area – Wikipedia.

Landscapes in New Jersey

The first image is the pond by Lucille’s Country Cooking where we stopped for breakfast at the beginning of the Pine Barrens trip. At the end of the trip Marc and I stopped at the Wetlands View and after that ate dinner at the Old Causeway Steak and Oyster House.

Green-Wood Doors

Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY has hundreds of doors to the mausoleums. Next to the Callery pear tree is a gate to the afterlife. The last image shows the Manhattan skyline at the horizon.

A link to History – Green-Wood.

For Thursday doors.

Central Park April LS

A few landscapes of the park.

Green-Wood in April

My favorite Cemetery, Green-Wood – National Historic Landmark in Brooklyn, NY, looks lovely this time of year. I injured my Achilles heel so we drove around to and stopped briefly to make photographs.


New York Botanical Garden landscapes. Spring is here and it is time to visit the gardens.