Leaf on Jane

Jane Street between Hudson and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, a block away from my home, is closed off which make it lovely eating at the Tavern on Jane in the street by a little garden. The Christmas tree sellers are back on Jane. I love the scent of pine but I feel sorry for all the dead trees and would never buy one. This leaf was sitting next to me during lunch.

Leaf on Jane Street 11/27/2020

Brighton and Jamaica Bay

For Thanksgiving we took our friend Barbara with us to eat at Tatiana, a Russian restaurant, on the boardwalk at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York for lunch. We all had red borscht, I had duck, and Barbara and I shared a huge Pavlova for desert. That was so good! After that we went to Jamaica Bay, part of Gateway NRA in Broad Channel for the sunset.


Took some closeups in a cloth box and using my macro lens of a few of my shells and minerals. A few of these are focus staked. I couldn’t make focus stacked images of some without a solid light source. I used an array of mini flashes on the ones not focus stacked. More experiments are needed.

Hudson Yards 2

I went back for the second time to Hudson Yards to shop on November 25, 2020. I bought some Levis for Marc at 40% off. I ate lunch there in an almost empty Shake Shake. Outside there is a tent with exercise bicycles. It’s a good time to climb the Vessel because there are few people doing so. On the way home I saw a white cat curled up in a swan in the plant district.