Central Park Lark

I went to the park to find a rare Lark Sparrow that was reported. I found it but didn’t get a clear shot. At least I have blurry ones for my records. The wren was more obliging.

Two Days in Central Park

The first day we didn’t find many birds. The forecast improved for the second day and there were many migrant warblers in the park. A few of these images are not very good that is because this post is to document many of the birds I saw. I left out the Chestnut-sided Warbler – that one was totally out of focus. Can’t win ’em all.

Central Park with LSNY

The first Central Park walk with The Linnaean Society of New York took place on 9/8/2020. I managed a few shots wile we looked for birds. Check out their site for upcoming programs and field trips.

Central Park September 4

A few things caught my eye; such as, rays of sunlight and spider webs.

Central Park August 31

A nice day in the park. We didn’t see many warblers, but there is always something lovely to see.