Governors Island Flowers

A colorfull bunch or images that I created post #OPTC2019 of flowers I photographed at Governors Island.

Governors Island Structures

This is the 4th post of 6 of posts of Governors Island #OPTIC2019. The old Battery Maritime Building has lovely elaborate details and the colors are fun.

Governors Island Flower Art

Digital Art interpretations of some flowers I photographed at Governors Island during #OPTIC2019. It’s best to enlarge them to see the textures.

Governors Island B&W

Some of the photographs I took during the #OPTC2019 trip to Governors Island worked best in black and white to show off the details I focussed on.

Collective at Governors Island

I would love to stay for a night or two at the Collective at Governors Island in their luxury tent at Governors Island someday.

Marc and I rode around in a rented surrey while attanding the #OPTIC2019 day at Governors Island. It was a great way to carry my photography gear.