St Cornelius Chapel Door

On Governors Island.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors September 5, 21019.

Gov Isl Scenes

There are so many things to do on Governors Island. We rented a surrey and peddled around. I photographed the Commanding Officer’s Quarters and the Fort Jay Theater. We stopped for a picnic. Then climbed the Hills. We ended the day by relaxing in seclusion on the hammocks.

Gov Island Wildlife

A small assortment of wildlife on Governors Island. Do you see the spider? I didn’t see it until I opened the image at home. helped me with some of the identifications.

Gov Isl Sunset and Dawn

A benefit of staying overnight on the Island is we got to see a wonderful sunset and dawn. These images are undoctored.

Collective Retreat

Marc and I booked a luxury camping (glamping) stay for a night at Governors Island, NYC. I loved the tent and the shower was lovely. What a fabulous view and location. And the weather was perfect. The staff are charming and very attentive. It was very memorable, and I enjoyed my stay.

There were some negatives: I was not happy with my food. I requested items to be removed (no tomatoes, corn, wheat or dairy) and asked to have the chef give me something else as a substituted. This did not happen and I had almost thinning on my plate. I had two mouthfuls of a paper-thin beef for the starter, and two tiny pieces of chicken with a few cucumbers and onions for the main. I asked for some potatoes to help fill me up and got them for dessert. There were no nondairy or gluten free items available for breakfast. I was able to order a plate of eggs with nothing else.

The tent had some minor issues: Black stains, possibly mold, on the roof; a ceiling light didn’t work; one of the tent flap catches was missing; and there was no facial tissue in the box for it. For what we paid I expected more.

We did get a lift to the Ferry. Arriving back on Manhattan felt strange. As if I had just returned form a trip abroad.

Governors Island Birds

No more Govenors Island for a while — the last post of #OPTIC2019. Common terns nest on one of the piers there.

Governors Island Flowers

A colorfull bunch or images that I created post #OPTC2019 of flowers I photographed at Governors Island.

Governors Island Structures

This is the 4th post of 6 of posts of Governors Island #OPTIC2019. The old Battery Maritime Building has lovely elaborate details and the colors are fun.