Collective at Governors Island

I would love to stay for a night or two at the Collective at Governors Island in their luxury tent at Governors Island someday.

Marc and I rode around in a rented surrey while attanding the #OPTIC2019 day at Governors Island. It was a great way to carry my photography gear.

Libety and Ellis

The B&H cruise sailed out into the Upper New York Bay out to the Stature of Liberty.

The 82-foot schooner, Shearwater, was hand built in 1929 from native hardwoods. It is a New York City floating designated landmark.

Manhattan Rim Light

The setting sun as seen through the canyons of Manhattan during the #Optic2019 Cruise.

Dumbo at Night

More from #OPTIC2019 tour bus to Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY.

Governors Island Doors

I photographed a few doors while on the #Optic2019 tour of the island on Tuesday.