Jamaica Bay

We had a brief but rewarding trip out to Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn, New York on the 15th of August. I added a few new odonates to my life list. I learned the word odonates from my fellow Linnaean NY members. September starts the new Zoom meetings and they are free. You may attend one from anywhere or view a recording of one if the timing isn’t right linnaeannewyork.org. The first one on September 14 will be about Bats.

Brighton and Jamaica Bay

For Thanksgiving we took our friend Barbara with us to eat at Tatiana, a Russian restaurant, on the boardwalk at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York for lunch. We all had red borscht, I had duck, and Barbara and I shared a huge Pavlova for desert. That was so good! After that we went to Jamaica Bay, part of Gateway NRA in Broad Channel for the sunset.

JB and Brighton

Yesterday Marc, my friend Paula and I went to Brighton Beach and ate lunch at one of the the Russian Restaurants on the boardwalk. I love the OT decorations. The food was good. After that we drove to Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn, part of Gateway NRA. It was late afternoon and very windy and atmospheric. A storm was brewing. No snow geese for me yet. I’ll try another time.

Jamaica Bay Flora

Late afternoon soon lights the Phragmites, plants and the broadwalk.

Jamaica Bay Birds

A few of the birds we saw during a short trip to Jamaica Bay.

Jamaica Bay Brant

A huge number of Brant (about) recently came in from Canada and were the stars of the show at Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn, New York. They flew over the path first to the bay then to the pond. They couldn’t decide where to settle. I love the sounds they make (click to play sounds).