Lyndhurst Mansion

Lyndhurst Mansion Ground are not very extensive. Nice views though. The mansion is just below Tarrytown in Westchester County, New York.

Old Bethpage Doors

Old Bethpage is in Long Island, New York. Saved to post for Thursday Doors

Old Bethpage 2

After seeing the village we went for lunch at Cold Spring Harbor.

Old Bethpage 1

Old Bethpage Village (Home ( is in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. We had fun talking with the interpreters. Some of the trees had lovely color. There was a lot to see so I made many photographs.

Autumn Doors in GV

I love seeing all the Fall and Halloween decorations outside the residences in Greenwich Village, New York City.

For Thursday Doors hosted by Dan Meeting in Granby – No Facilities

West 53-54 Street Doors

Gothic-style Episcopal church built in 1913 (parish dates back to 1823) with WWI & 9/11 memorials. Saint Thomas Church – Welcome to Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue. The bells where ringing as we walked by.

7 West 54th Street – Wikipedia by MOMA.

On the corner of 54 Street and 5th Avenue is the University Club of New York – Wikipedia building. Also see their website About The Club – University Club Of New York (

For Thursday Doors by Dan New Old Doors – No Facilities 10/27/2022.

5th Avenue Doors

There are plenty of lovely doors on the famous 5th Avenue shopping area in Manhattan.

Here are 3 for Thursday Doors 8/18/2002

Gay Street Doors

The Petite Boucherie, a French bistro, is on the corner of a charming little alley called Gay Street and Christopher Street. It is not far from Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City. I like to dine there occasionally. I was going to eat lunch there recently with Marc but it was too hot. They had opened all the windows wide to the outside. I’ll eat there again when the weather is cooler. For Thursday Doors 9/8/2022