Day at Harriman

An all day trip to Harriman State Park (, Orange County, New York on July 29th plus with stops at Iona Island and Greenbrook Sanctuary | Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey ( in New Jersey on the way home.

We hiked along a trail by Stony Brook for a few miles. All along the trail was a bonanza crop of Fungi. I’ll be posting those tomorrow.

West Point Foundry Preserve

There are ruins and a few buildings left over form when the foundry was active. I was hoping for a waterfall but didn’t find it. Here’s a link to some of its history. Sometime I would like to visit the Putnam Museum.

Foundry Brook

We drove up to Cold Springs, New York on Saturday. Marc was concerned about the possibility of ice on the roads. The roads were clear but the parking lot at Foundry Brook was not. We got stuck. Luckily a kind couple helped dig out the car. I had never been to West Point Foundry Brook Preserve (location and about) before. It was lovely in the snow. More to come…

Fahnestock Flora

I love moss and Lichen. There was plenty there to photograph. Autumn leaves and rushing streams too. I was luck to catch a kinglet with a large grub. I didn’t have me long lens so missed photographing the others I saw.

Fahnestock Scenery

A wonderful trip to Fahnsetock State Park with Sierra Photo NYC. I took so many pictures that I liked that it was hard to choose which ones to post.

It was a cloudy day which made photography a challenge. I wanted to capture the gloomy mood and bring out the colors.

Stonecrop Waters

Post 3 of 3 on Stonecrop Gardens, Cold Spring, NY.